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You live and breathe web development. You're excited by the possibilities new technologies bring and constantly strive to develop beautiful, yet seamless, website experiences. You see paths through code and make it work as you command.



You will be responsible for the maintenance and development of all Login5 Foundation websites, so you will have to:

  • Manage and own the development pipeline (priorities, sprints, timelines, etc.)

  • Implement bug fixes and new features

  • When needed, find, hire and manage external teams to enhance the internal development process

  • Work hand-in-hand with analytics and product teams to collect the right data and identify improvement opportunities

  • Implement A/B tests and other website improvements (speed, SEO, etc.)


You have extensive experience with React and Next.js, as well as Node.js, and are eager to learn new technologies to further expand your expertise.

  • You are proficient in animated web design and know how to optimize animations for best performance as well as visual appeal & functionality.

  • You have managed external development teams and agencies in the past, so you are able to skillfully evaluate and choose the right partners to deliver the projects you lead.

  • You listen and understand both business and user requirements and skillfully implement improvements that enhance their experience. You have extensive experience with UX/UI best practices that you can apply to our use cases.

  • You are passionate about our purpose and willing to go the extra mile for successful project completion

  • You are a team player that others can count on, able to add insights and quality opinions to any tech-related discussion.

  • You are proficient in English

Bonus: DatoCMS, Shopify and mid-level WordPress experience

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  • Contractual relationship with Login5 Foundation with hourly payment

  • Flexible workstyle, so you can work in joy for creation (work from wherever you like, as long as your responsibilities are fulfilled)

  • Opportunities to lead web development projects at the forefront of technology

  • Ample opportunities for self-transformation in an environment that is highly supportive and inspiring


You are very successful in the business world, yet your heart seeks for something more.

You're done with chasing other people's dreams—you're here to realize your purpose.

You are eager to discover who you really are, what you're here to do.

You explore different states of consciousness to quench your thirst for truth, to connect with your true Self.

You're not ready to give up on this World or just complain. You want to contribute to something meaningful—something you believe in.


Our values mean everything to us, so we thoroughly screen all our candidates to ensure the culture fit, as well as expertise fit, starting with your LinkedIn profile, CV and cover letter.

We want you to thrive in this role and be able to work in joy, as much as you fulfill its responsibilities. To get multiple perspectives, you'll therefore talk to at least three different Reemina interviewers before you join our circle.


Join us in building the world we want to live in.

To apply for this position, send us an email with your CV and cover letter. Only individual candidates with relevant experience and full application will be considered.

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© 2023 Reemina Limited. All Rights reserved.
© 2023 Reemina Limited. All Rights reserved.
Reemina Limited, Klimataria 11, 4607 Pissouri, Cyprus
© 2023 Reemina Limited. All Rights reserved.
Reemina Limited, Klimataria 11, 4607 Pissouri, Cyprus