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Releasing the arrow

Maintain confidence & non-attachment once you set your manifestation. As if you’ve hit the target before even releasing the arrow. Let it go. Then let it come.

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Aim and release

Hit the Target Before you Release the Arrow

Your manifestation is a released arrow, shot out into the field of possibilities. It will land when you are ready. No need to worry or cling. The key here is that you feel like you already have it. You know it’s already on its way to you.


Manifestation at Work

Just as you order your food only once in a restaurant, confident it is being prepared and will arrive in a timely manner, so too, can you relax with the certainty that your manifestation will materialize at the proper time. 


Non-Attachment to the Goal

You, as the conscious leader, have a critical role to uphold this feeling of absolute surety. Practice non-attachment. There is no need to obsessively worry. When all members of the team stay calm and confident of the aim, your arrow will surely find its mark. Let it go. Then, let it come.

Set Goals Only Once

Conscious leaders set a business manifestation only once, like placing an order for coffee. The manifestation will be delivered the moment you are ready.

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Don't repeat

Re-Visit, Don’t Repeat

You can make a vision board to keep you inspired. You can re-read the manifestation to get you in the feeling – to remind you of what you’re working towards. You can check to see if you still feel passionately about it. But none of these should be done with worry or obsession. Manifestation is a joyful process.

No need to worry

Manifestation at Work

A conscious leader does not obsessively repeat the business manifestation over and over. There is no need. Manifestation is easy when every word is a poem and every step is a dance.

Release Control

A conscious leader provides breathing room for the manifestation and the team to express their full potential. Overcontrolling behavior blocks manifestation.

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Healthy control

Examples of Healthy Control

Designing parameters of a process, keeping an eye on the budget, looking for optimization: these are healthy and logical behaviors of a manager with a business objective.


Job of Conscious Leader 

An important job of a conscious leader, however, is to not be overly controlling – to not dictate every step, behavior, and outcome of the manifestation itself. To not use too much of our logical and rational mind. To stay open to possibilities instead. 

This deep need for control stems from a subconscious limiting belief that needs to be managed.  Overcontrol narrows the pathway of possible manifestation, unnecessarily burdens the team, brings less joy, and can even block the manifestation altogether.

Manifest it

Manifestation at Work

Imagine your business manifestation like a living thing. A conscious leader maintains healthy control; overcontrol pinches off the oxygen supply.

Spot the Blocks

Only you can block your business manifestation. Conscious leaders look for these blocks and nurture a safe space for them to be discussed, managed and released.

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Common blockers

Vague Goals

The first blocker is when setting the goal - they should be clear, measurable and conceivable to you.

Lack of Passion

A second blocker is a lack of passion. Passion is the energy that fuels a manifestation. Without it, the manifestation is completely deflated. 

Lack of Action

Successful manifestations require action. If a team member is too lazy or too scared to get out of their comfort zone, then the manifestation cannot move closer to its completion. 

Limiting Beliefs

Lastly, conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs are common blockers and should be discussed, managed and released.

Manifestation at work

Conscious Leaders Responsibility

A conscious leader’s responsibility is to create a safe space. One where everyone in the team, when goals were not manifested successfully, can honestly ask, ‘What (or who) blocks this manifestation?’ 

If team members can vulnerably admit to each other when they are afraid, apathetic, skeptical or confused – then blocks can be addressed and cleared. The manifestation is set free.

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