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Missing in the World

Answer these two brainstorming questions to help you define your purpose: ‘What is missing most in the world? What would I do passionately without pay?’

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Know the Company Purpose and Personal Purpose

You should be able to articulate both your company’s purpose and your own personal one. If you are struggling to find your purpose, there are a couple brainstorming questions that can help you. Or, ask your manager or leader to help you define it. If you are the leader, then offer your help to your team.

Ask yourself

Missing in the World

You can start to discover your purpose by completing this sentence:

‘The one thing the world is missing the most is ________________.’ 

Iza’s answer here would be ‘love and consciousness,’ since she believes with more of these on the planet, then all other problems would be solved. For a painter, it might be ‘more art’ since art can connect, open, and inspire creativity in people. 

There are no wrong answers; it should be your own opinion.

Work without Pay

If the previous exercise pulls up a blank, there is another way to get you thinking. Ask yourself:

‘What would I wake up in the morning and do – with passion and purpose – regardless of the pay?’


Can (and Should) Evolve Over Time

Your personal purpose might evolve over time, alongside your personal development. That’s a good thing. 

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