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Check your Feelings 

Emotional awareness - to check your feelings - is a powerful tool of a conscious leader for greater intuition & ingenious decision-making. The choice is yours.

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Discover the Power of Awareness

When you habitually and quickly check your feelings, you are in command of a powerful awareness of how you work – a key part of conscious leadership. Knowing how a certain space, person, or idea makes you feel is key to intuitive and ingenious decision-making in business. Emotions also play an enormous role in your business composure: from being resilient to obstacles, solving conflicts, and creating consciously.


How to Check Feelings 

Start by noticing the difference between good and bad feelings, or when you are creative versus when you feel like you cannot work. From there, practice distinguishing the finer gradients.

Are you disappointed? Confused? Regretful? Angry? Are you excited? Thankful? Optimistic?—Refer to our list of common emotions to help you name your current state.

Instead of words, some people use an inner number scale on a spectrum – from best to worst – to measure their mood through the day. 

Regardless of the method, you have a way to record and acknowledge your feelings – the first step towards awareness. 


Set reminders

Set an alarm every hour to remind yourself to check in. Or, decide to do it after every meeting or every call. The aim here is that it becomes second nature.

Train your Awareness

Train yourself to notice a change, and ask how you got to that state. For example, if the last time you checked your feelings you were feeling good, but now you feel bad, scan the last few minutes and check where the bad feeling comes from. Maybe you had a call with a colleague and they were not so nice. If that’s the case, do you want to stay in a bad mood? Is it worth it? Or do you want to lift your spirits and do something to put you back in a good mood? You decide.

Uncover Energy Black Holes

Some flux energy is trapped in past trauma. Release these black holes so energy returns to our pillar - where we use it to be creative, effective & successful.

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Flux is the stream of energy that flows to us. The wider the channel, the more energy we have at our disposal – and more energy means we can be fast, effective and successful at our work. 

Black Holes

Most of the energy coming through us is actually trapped around a difficult scenario, relationship or traumatic event. It could be an incident from this morning or many years ago. Either way, we can scan the moments in our day or our past to look for these black holes. 


Find Time 

Find time in your day or evening to release the trapped energy. Send love and light to those unpleasant moments. Visualize the energy coming back to your pillar. This energy can now be used for creativity in your work or hobbies.


Daily Habit 

Scan for black holes and release them daily. After all, the energy in your flux is available to you. Will it be stuck and stagnant in an old experience? Or used today for something productive and enjoyable?

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