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Define Organizational Purpose

Does your organization have the answer to the question, ‘Why do we exist?’ This is your purpose. Hint: it’s NOT how your product will help people in the world.

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Answer the Questions

Every organization should be able to answer the question, ‘Why do we exist?’ or more concretely, ‘Why do we do what we do?’


Your Purpose is your Why

Purpose is not what you do or how you do it. It’s why you do what you do. This statement should not include the words ‘helping,’ ‘achieving,’ ‘supporting,’ or ‘changing’… Rather, it is the FINAL state you would like to see; It’s describing what kind of world you would like to live in.

Your Purpose might not be Unique

Your organizational purpose might not be unique to you. It’s okay if other companies are headed towards the same final state as you.

Your Purpose is not your Product

Purpose is not a description of the product or service you offer. 

Here are examples from two of the companies within our foundation.

Reemina: Organizations address the real needs of time and space with their purpose and culture.


Discovering Purpose

Sometimes it’s easy. It comes to you right away. Sometimes you know you have it when you get goosebumps while thinking about it. Other times, it can be a lengthy process – maybe up to year. Normally the purpose doesn’t change that often, if ever, so the important thing is to just start thinking about it.  

Share your Purpose

The founder or owner could have the purpose in their head already. If this is the case, please articulate it on paper so it can be shared. This way, the team can connect their personal purpose to the organization’s.

Connect Corporate and Personal Purpose

Conscious leaders ensure each team member’s personal purpose is somehow connected to the corporate purpose, turning on a font of endless passion and creativity.

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One more step

Final Link

Once the corporate purpose has been defined and articulated, the work does not end there. In order to complete it, each member of the organization should find a link between the corporate purpose and their own personal purpose. 

Find it

This can be done when everyone is made aware of the corporate purpose, so that they really understand it. Sometimes just having the corporate purpose explained is enough for someone to form this connection - they’ll feel it when it happens. For others, it might be a struggle. If this is the case, it is the responsibility of management to help.


Responsibility of Leaders

Leaders should step in to make sure each individual can see a connection between the corporate purpose and their own personal purpose. They can do this by taking the time to discuss in depth the meaning of the corporate purpose, and by better understanding the personal purpose of the colleague.


Watch What Happens

If there is no hint of a connection after much discussion of both corporate and personal purpose, then this is an issue for all involved.

If, however, a connection is made, stand back and watch the endless amount of passion that comes pouring forth from the team member!  … And now just imagine if the whole team was made up of such enthusiastic, passionate and creative individuals.

Three Levels of Why

The answers to these three levels of ‘WHY’ (corporate, personal, and moment-to-moment) are a springboard for empowered and creative work. Get ready.

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Why do we do what we do?

The first ‘why’ is at the organizational level; it is the corporate purpose. This should be visible and known to every member of the organization. Do you know your company’s purpose?

Why do we, at Reemina, do what we do? The final state we want to see in the world is that: organizations address the real needs of time and space with their purpose and culture.

Why do I do what I do? 

The second ‘why’ is at the personal level; it is the personal purpose. Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Iza’s personal drive is to build the most powerful, winning teams that can achieve whatever they want.

Why am I doing the thing I am doing at this very moment?

Ask yourself, moment-to-moment or when assigned a new task, ‘Why am I doing this?’ If you don’t know the answer, better ask your manager or leadership team. Without understanding the why, you’ll most likely not be able to do your best work.

Here at Reemina we are digitalizing our knowledge so that we can share it with millions. Making these tools available to anyone, so people can lead their life towards their purpose while being equipped with the best of tools. 


Empowerment from Purpose

Imagine knowing how your daily work contributes to a larger purpose. Imagine knowing that your personal purpose has a place within your company. And imagine your company has a broader purpose than the product or service it is selling.

Think Big

Knowing what you know… What are you ready to create? Think big. 

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Customize, scale and even evolve organizational culture like writing code with values to ensure your people speak the same unspoken language.

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Our purpose: Organizations address the real needs of time and space with their purpose and culture.

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